The ‘ReCharge’ campaign is a campaign to empower and encourage students to seek support and take time to recharge their mental health. We decided to look at three key themes for this years campaign and they focused on sleep, alcohol and study. We hope to build on these themes as time goes on.

Speaking on this, USI Vice President for Welfare; Damien McClean said:

“Much like recharging our phone batteries, we need to ReCharge our mental health and wellness. Students across Ireland have limited amount of energy due to college and work commitments, and we are saying it’s okay to take time to recharge yourself.”

Speaking about the campaign, Assistant National Director for Mental Health Operations, Jim Ryan said. “HSE Mental Health is delighted to fund the development of the ReCharge Campaign. We know the student population is aware of mental health but we wanted to work with USI to create a campaign that would not only signpost to available supports and services but would focus on building resilience. This campaign reinforces messages within our Little Things mental health campaign that there are small everyday things that will make a positive impact on our mental health. We know students are busy but things like regular study breaks, drinking less and getting enough sleep are things that can make a big difference to them.