Mental Health Campaign 2020

2020 has been a strange year. For students, it has involved adapting to many changes across all areas of life. We are all more vulnerable to mental health struggles as we live through a global pandemic.

The 2020 USI Mental Health Campaign has been developed with this is mind. We all have a mental health, and at any given time we can be at any point on a scale between ‘my mental health is very good’ to ‘my mental health is very bad’. Lots of different things can have an effect on our mental health, with or without a pandemic. Therefore, our aim with our campaign this year is to encourage to students to support and connect with one another, in socially-distanced ways, especially at the moment because most of us are not able to be physically near one another. Isolation is a big risk factor for developing mental illnesses, so it is important we work together to reduce isolation in one another.

World Mental Health Day is on the 10th October. You can find out what USI is doing to mark the day here

Mental Health Week follows right after World Mental Health Day, running from Monday 12th October to Friday 16th October. The theme of this year’s campaign is Togetherness – Le Chéile, and will run entirely online. Each day covers a different topic, and you can find out more about each one at the links below:

Monday – Risky/ Addictive Behaviours

Tuesday – Connectivity/ Support

Wednesday – Self-Care

Thursday – Body Image/Body Positivity/ Eating Disorders

Friday – Mental Health Stigma/ Holistic View of Mental Health

Be sure to check out our posts across USI social media feeds throughout the campaign – there will be actions to get involved with and some fantastic prizes to be won!