Help to Manage Your Time Online

On your computer/ laptop:

It can be easy to click into websites or social media platforms just for a quick second, but doing so can become a time drain without is really realising it during the day, when we maybe should be doing other things, like working on assignments or even being in a virtual lecture. The website might help if you feel like this could be something you’re often finding yourself doing.

It lets you choose what websites you’re trying to avoid, and allows you to choose what you’d rather do instead. When you next click to go to that website, you’ll receive a gentle reminder that you said you’d rather not go on that site, and what you said you’d rather do instead. This is free to use, but does require installation onto your device.

On your mobile:

While it might be easy to click into sites throughout the day online, it is even easier to lose time to checking multiple apps in succession, over and over, or mindlessly scrolling. The Forest app might help put a stop to that habit of constantly picking up your phone when you really should be focusing on other things.

The app lets you plant a virtual tree, and choose how long the tree should grow for. Once the tree has been ‘planted’, if you try to use your phone before the time is up, the tree will wither and die. If you manage not to kill your trees, over time you can grow a forest, and the app is gamified so that you can grow different types of trees. There is a paid option but you can still get the benefit of this app in the free option.

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