Suggestions for Staying Connected During COVID-19

Staying Connected and Supporting Each Other while complying with COVID-19 Restrictions

It can be a little challenging to thing of ways to stay connected with other people, because of the restrictions around meeting up during COVID-19. Here are some ways that you can still connect with and support one another

  • Email
  • Social media – actively engage rather than just scrolling through
  • Video calls/ phone calls
  • Texting
  • Online group chats/calls/videos
  • Online games
  • Online book clubs
  • Socially distanced walks
  • Doing activities together but virtually – for example both watching a Netflix series at the same time, and talking about it afterwards, or even being on a call/video to each other while watching it
  • Have dinner virtually – cook at the same time and chat as if you were across the table from one another but via a video call
  • Just send a ‘hi, how are you?’ message – it doesn’t all have to be big organised activities
  • Celebrate happy occasions or milestones – pop someone a birthday card in the post, or send them a message
  • Quizzes over platforms like zoom can be a good way to get together
  • Send a care package or gift to someone
  • Virtual workouts together online
  • Collaborate on music playlists
  • Take an online class together
  • Get together virtually to work on an assignment or study for an exam
  • Send each other gifs
  • Offer socially-distanced help if you know someone is cocooning for health reasons, or if they are in isolation (like picking up food for them)
  • Remember to reach out to those you haven’t heard from in a while. Often we can stop being as social when we are going through a tough time. If there’s someone you have noticed hasn’t been heard from in a while, why not pop them a quick message?
  • See if clubs/societies are operating virtually on your campus, and join some if they are


Have you come up with an innovative way to keep in touch with people during COVID-19? Tell us on our social media, we’d love to hear about it!