We are very excited announce that our REFLECT event for USI affiliated Student Union Officers will be running again this year!

What is REFLECT?

REFLECT is a day long event that takes place around the start of the second semester. The aim is to provide a space to reflect on the semester that has passed and how that went for you, and to look ahead to the new semester, engaging in some planning and readjusting, so that you feel refreshed and ready to engage in the new term.

It provides an opportunity to get together virtually with other officers around the country, and share experiences, tips and advice.

Alongside the virtual event, we also create a workbook that each attendee receives. This year’s workbook follows on from the SUT workbook each officer received at the start of the year (if you didn’t get one, can’t find it, or would just like a new copy, please email, and we can send you a copy).

Who is REFLECT for?

REFLECT is open to all Student Union Officers affiliated with USI. It doesn’t matter if you are full time or part time, first timer or incumbent, this is a space for you.

It’s ok if you can’t commit to the full day, once you have registered you will have access to the link to come and go throughout the day as fits your schedule.

We started REFLECT in 2021 as a direct response to the difficulties COVID presented to working as a Student Union officer and the impact of the stress and burnout that can come with working in constantly changing times.

When is REFLECT happening?

This year, REFLECT takes place on Friday the 18 of February 2022. We will have sessions on mental health, leadership and motivation, time management, anger redirection, and goal setting, as well as an opportunity to connect with members of the USI executive team in an informal drop-in session.

Speakers at the event include

  • Laura Harmon, former USI president
  • Sarah Hughes, USI mental health programme manager
  • Gertie Rafferty and Treasa Fox from the Psychological Counsellors in Higher Education
  • Claire Faithorn, freelance group facilitator, educator and coach
  • members of the current Coiste Gno.

How Can I join?

If you are a Student Union Officer, registration is here.

If you are not a Student Union Officer, stay tuned as we will be organising further events and consultations in the coming months!